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Poster for IntrotoAfAmCinema


Introduction to African American Cinema

This course examines the history of African American cinema from the turn of the twentieth century through the present. Looking at the groundbreaking work of artists like Ava Duvernay, Oscar Micheaux, Kathleen Collins, and Charles Burnett we ask: is there such a category as Black film/cinema?



It Happened One Night On Beale Street: Rom Coms and Cinematic Romance

What draws us to the movies is love and, similarly, in the movies we find love. This course probes cinematic representations of love alongside a history of romance to understand just what love has been made to look like and what those depictions say about culture, race, gender, and sexuality.



The Golden Ages of Television

Focusing on mid-century programs and post 9/11 series, this course probes the cultural resonances, innovations, and complications of television.We explore how recent shows have both disrupted and built on themes, tropes, and conventions established decades ago, all the while troubling the notion of a "Golden Age."

Madeline Anderson_I Am Somebody Screensh


Black Experimental and Independent Film

This seminar examines the radical and experimental visions of post-war Black directors who have queered the screen, developed new modes of representation, and repeatedly challenged the accepted conventions of Hollywood.



Black Film and Theatre

This course examines the numerous connections, networks, and associations between Black film and Black theatre across the latter half of the twentieth century. We begin with Louis Peterson’s widely celebrated Take a Giant Step, and end with the work of Lynn Nottage and Dominique Morriseau.

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